The European Tourism Academy is charged with proposing an European  tourism strategy up to 2020,  based on the momentum initiated by the European Conference on Tourism held under the high patronage of President of European Council on Tourism and Trade.

The European Council on Tourism and Trade brings together professionals, locally elected officials and representatives of the European countries.

World Tourism Institution

Being the flag ship of the international tourism and trade cooperation,  ECTT endeavours to promote tourism as a driving force in the quest for economic growth, sustainable development and offers environmental protection.

ECTT offers helmsmanship 
and prowess to the sector of tourism and trade by advancing knowledge and tourism policies worldwide. 

EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE is the agency managing the world level promotion of ethic, responsible, sustainable and socially  oriented and accessible tourism.

EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE fosters market knowledge, promotes competitive and key development via tourism policies and instruments, fosters tourism education and training, and works to make tourism an effective tool for international development.


Social Oriented Tourism

 Social tourism is instrumental for poverty alleviation.
Social and all inclusive growth is one of the greatest global challenges. Even today the world’s economy, must produce growth and development by tourism and trade investments.

European Council on Tourism and Trade is focusing on the wealth creating power of tourism for people most in need. Trade and Travel development remains an immense task and opportunity. 

Ethical  Tourism

• Tourism activities should be conducted in harmony with the attributes and traditions of the host regions and countries and in respect for their laws, practices and customs

• Tourism, the activity most frequently associated with rest and relaxation, sport and access to culture and nature, should be planned and practised as a privileged means of individual and collective fulfilment; when practised with a sufficiently open mind, it is an irreplaceable factor of self-education, mutual tolerance and for learning about the legitimate differences between peoples and cultures and their diversity.

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